The Light From Space

When we look into space we see light that is presently arriving at our eyes. The information it carries gives us a history of events which occurred where that light came from. The original places where that light is arriving from are still there, now, in the present but we cannot see them. They may have moved or been altered in some ways and even some may not even exist anymore having been victims of cosmic explosions. However, at distances of up to billions of light years, it is the present there. Would it not be interesting to see what is happening in the present at distances of millions and billions of light years?

(credit: Pierre J. Hébert / Blogger)


Time Exactly

An hour is one twenty-fourth of one rotation of the Earth on it’s axis.

At the equator the velocity/distance of the surface of the Earth, during one hour, is faster/longer than the velocity/distance of the surface of the Earth, during one hour, at the 45th parallel which is slower/shorter . The velocity/distance of the hour hand, during one hour, on a watch or clock is also slower/shorter than the previous two velocity/distance instances. All however are synchronized and originate and destinate for the same arbitrary period of “time”, namely, one twenty-fourth of one rotation of the Earth on it’s axis or what human beings decided to name an “hour”.

In the term “Miles Per Hour” there are more Mph at the equator than at the 45th parallel where there are fewer Mph. A light-year is the velocity/distance traveled by light relative to the velocity/distance traveled by the Earth once around the Sun.

All this shows that “time” is not some ethereal unknown mystery but merely ratios which, although based on physical reality, are themselves merely ideas or mental constructs. If you take an object and move it through a distance at a certain velocity but you don’t compare that velocity/distance to anything else what do you have?

(credit: Pierre J. Hébert / Blogger)


The Dimensions Of Matter & Time

A hypothesis:

Each bit of matter has it’s own time. This was proven mathematically by Einstein and experimentally by researchers. The fact that each bit of matter has it’s own time dilation which is independent from any other bit of matter means that a universal time constant is impossible.

I have some personal hypotheses relating to “time”, space, gravity and such subjects as the quantum state which are outlandish and radical. I find however that even though my ideas are hard to believe I can explain many mysterious and puzzling aspects of the universe without losing track of logic nor becoming long winded. With all due respect to mathematicians I make little use of mathematics because I concern myself with the realm of quantum reality. Quantum gravity, dark matter and dark energy are difficult to measure  currently. With no products of measurement the language of mathematics, which uses the products of measurement as a syntax, becomes mute. I have developed a formula stating “infinity is equal to zero time” which mathematics cannot deal with.

    I write this as a cautionary note because what I’m doing is challenging myself to explore and not shrink from discovering fantastic new perceptions.

   Also the public aspect of this blog serves to sharpen my attention to logic and truth.

   I do not accept that “time” is a fourth dimension. I speculate that “time” is a dimension but I speculate that “time” is one of the three dimensions. The dimension of length contracts appreciably as 3D matter approaches the speed of light and “time” slows. Therefore if “time” slows down and the length of matter contracts it is only logical to assume that the two are one and the same. The effect is infinitesimal at velocities significantly slower than the speed of light but not nonexistent.   What we perceive to be “time” is actually the dimension of length.  The three dimensions which we experience comprise a bandwidth of dimensions which involve movement. The lower limit of the bandwidth is zero movement which is found at a temperature below absolute zero in the midst of the Higgs Field where all movement except the expansion of space-time ceases. The upper limit of the bandwidth is 3D matter moving at the speed of light where the dimension of length (“time”) contracts, reaches zero, and becomes a two dimensional non 3D entity. Outside of this bandwidth (3D existence) the effects we perceive as “time” do not exist. What determines which of the three dimensions is the dimension of length? The concept of three dimensions is a stick figure representation of existence which is convenient for human speech and interpersonal communication. It is difficult for me to imagine that a solid block of matter can have only three dimensions. The internal dimensions of matter must be made up of many more than three dimensions.

   Every point in space is at the center of it’s own universe. There are multiple dimensions emanating from every point in space creating an unimaginably complex matrix of dimensions which we know as ” three dimensions”. The dimension of length is given priority among all other dimensions by the special property of movement. Moving matter has, as a property, the dimension of length in the direction of travel. This includes elementary particles at the quantum level. As matter moves it is constantly being renewed at the quantum level so that in a curved path the dimension of length constantly reorients itself to the direction of travel. I stated in previous writings that “time is the velocity/distance of 3D matter relative to the velocity/distance of other 3D matter” so that this allows for changes in the direction of travel. For example when two bits of matter are traveling together the relative time dilation between the two is 1:1. As soon as there is a divergence in the direction and/or the velocity of the two bits of matter relative to each other the relative time dilation between the two changes to some ratio which is not 1:1. One final comment, if I may, on the speed limit of light and the fact that even information cannot exceed the speed of light. At the speed of light time is zero, in other words for the light there is no time that passes so that regardless of where it arrives, it arrives instantaneously. Nothing can move faster than instantaneously, information included…

(credit: Pierre J. Hébert / Blogger)